Why is Soft Washing a Better Option Than Pressure Washing?

Regular maintenance of your home’s roof is necessary if you want to keep the equity you’ve built up in your house and even build on it. Keeping the exterior and roof clean contributes to the structure’s longevity and makes it simpler to spot areas that require maintenance or repair. Washing the roof or paneling is an essential part of the whole project. Most people are familiar with the term pressure washing, but they aren’t aware of the key distinctions between gentle washing and pressure washing. Pressure Washing Huntley is here to help you.

Soft Washing for your roof- Is it a better option?

The method, known as “soft washing”, involves applying water at a pressure of fewer than 1,000 pounds per square inch (PSI) using nozzles with a reduced pressure setting. The washing hose or brush for a genuine soft washing method is a very gentle cleansing process combined with a specially developed cleaning solution for a more thorough cleaning that will last for a longer period and be more effective.

In contrast to power washing, soft washing helps surfaces keep their characteristic surface roughness. This method can be implemented on the roofing material, from tiles to shingles and even metal roofs. Additionally, wood shakes, wainscoting, cement, and window screens are also highly recommended applications for this product. It is also recommended that certain types of high-end pavers must be cleaned using procedures that involve gentle washing to prevent discoloration.

Compared to high-pressure power washing services, soft washing presents a lower risk of causing accidental damage to painted surfaces, siding, gutters, and window screens. These types of damage can quickly occur with power washing services that utilize high pressure.

Eliminating mold, fungi, filth, and grime from roofs helps protect equity and extend roof life. Pressure and soft washing have enormous value when used appropriately but must be employed according to the surface. Soft washing is better for a roof’s lifespan.

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